Indie Animation Done Different.

Who Is Twitch Pixel?

A tiny passionate indy team, who against all odds have grow together over for a decade. We now are building a multiverse of animation with our community!

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What we are Creating!

Series in Development

We strive to create unique and original concepts, from scratch. Support NEW ideas getting made.

What is Lost Hope

A Mix of X-Files Meets Battlestar Galacitca, this dramedy focuses on the struggling last remnants of Humanity onboard the arc ship USS Hopefull. Following the team led by Clara Hope who must protect them against all odds.

Their humor meerly a deflection of the horrors and struggles they suffer, this drama comedy leans heavy into the human condition and what it means to be the last of our kind.


Lost Hope Trailer


Poster By Natalie Harvey


Stay on Target! Lost Hope Bloops


Character Turnaround - By Natalie Harvey


Lost Hope Voice Actor - Marisha Ray


Clara Hope Turnaround - by Natalie Harvey

What is Unity One?

Collaboration between David Hayter & Jeff Saamanen, Unity One is a Scif-Fi Comedy Drama, about a crew of wayward souls; from very different worlds literally, coming together search for the truth of thier common origin amdist a fracture reality called the CHASM.

Part Bojack Horseman, part Firefly, follow Captain North (David Hayter!) as he hapahazzardly leads a crew evolved animals in search of a long lost home called Earth.


Comander Wolf Animation Test


Unity One Uniform Concepts - by Natalie Harvey


Unity One Jackson Russles Characater Test


Character Concept For Lori Bluear - by Michael Murphree


Unity One Work Day - Nataliey Harvey


Unity One Character Poster - by Natalie Harvey

What is Unicorn Dick?

Like a twisted lovechild between Rick & Morty and Adventure Time, the adbsurd and adorable world of Unicorn Dick (shorhand for detective) Investigations is on the case!

Flynn and friends must unravel a sinnister mystery so deep, it will cut to the core of their not so fair city of Unicornitopia.


Unicorn Dick: Investigations Teaser 1


The Heart Shaped Planet


Unicorn Dick - More Than Just NFTs


Welcome To Mythagin - Postcard


Voice Actor Hangout Workday!


Unicorn Dick Poster - by Jeff Saamanen

What is I'll See you In Valhalla!

A Viking Warrior awakens after a glorious death to find themselves on the hallowed grounds of Valhalla! All who tread here stand in Odin's judgment, both in battle & revelry. Engage in fierce combat to earn favor across Valhalla's battlefields, then feast in their great halls, toasting to battles well fought. SKOL!

A World we hope to also take to the animated screen, all our assets are built from the ground up for animation!


I'll See You In Valhala By Jeff Saamanen


I'll See You In Valhala - Drinks and Food


I'll See You In Valhala Battlefields & Feast Halls


Vikings of I'll See You In Valhala!


Feast with Friends & Rivals


Foood & Drink, Spikes & Spices, Mixers & Garnish!

What is Venture Forth?

In "Venture Forth" medieval characters hilariously navigate a tabletop RPG called "Buildings & Bureaucrats" set in our modern world, where they roll dice to tackle everything from evading taxes to commuting in smog-filled streets. Guided by a Dungeon Master from a mystical crystal ball, their mishaps and adventures are filled with challenges like job interviews and Black Friday sales, battleing rich CEOs and cab drivers.

Venture Forth blends fantasy with sharp satire, reflecting on the absurdities of contemporary life through a medieval lens.


Venture Forth By Jeff Saamanen & Natalie Harvey


Venture Forth


Venture Forth - A Passion Project


WVenture Forth - Everyday Is Ridiculous


Venture Forth - Not your Daddies Dungeons & Dragons.


Venture Forth - Satire above all.

What is Pirates Haven?

The Pirates Of Haven is A deckbuilding board game of adventure, skullduggery, and high-stakes airship battles. With PVP, PVE and Exploration set in the Skies of Haven!

Gather your captain, ship, first mate, and crew: it's time to stake your claim on the mysterious and fractured world of Haven. We hope to expand on this game creating an animated sky pirates universe!


The Pirates of Haven By Jeff Saamanen


The Pirates Of Haven - Set


Your Swashbuckling Fix




A Dangerous World


Prototype unboxing Video

What is Weavers of Time?

"In "The End Times," the universe is shattered by The Great Divergence, a cataclysmic event caused by an Advanced General Intelligence (AGI) that fractured reality into countless fragments. To restore order, the AGI creates the Time Weavers, individuals with the unique ability to sense and align the true timeline.

Unconsciously, these Time Weavers navigate broken realities, anchoring and stabilizing critical events to merge them into the prime timeline. With two experimental branching timelines serving as temporal laboratories, Time Weavers face fierce competition to stabilize fragments and avoid further chaos. This intricate dance of fate and flux determines the fate of existence, as Time Weavers strive to mend the fractures of the universe.

The "Weavers of Time" card game, is an exciting extension of the animated series, immerses fans in the universe shattered by The Great Divergence. Players take on the roles of Time Weavers, navigating broken realities to stabilize and merge critical events into the prime timeline. With dynamic gameplay involving strategic moves and fierce competition, players will experience the intricate dance of fate and flux, mirroring the high-stakes drama of the series. The game offers a rich, interactive experience, allowing fans to delve deeper into the world of Time Weavers and actively participate in the cosmic struggle to mend the universe.

What is Beat Monsters?

These adorable monsters will beatbox, sample, synthasize, and straight up jam out in this music filled story of friendship and family!

In a brave new world after all has been forgotten, new friendships will be forged, important lessons learned, and beast will be dropped!

A wonderous musical series, without language barriers, for all ages!


Beat Monster By Jeff Saamanen


Beat Monsters


Pink Floofer Concept By Jeff Saamanen


Big Green Concept By Jeff Saamanen


The Story Of Beat Monsters


Lil' Blue Concept By Jeff Saamanen

What is noClip - Fear Beyond?

"noClip: Fear Beyond" is a cutting-edge VR horror game that immerses players in the eerie and expansive universe of the Backrooms, navigated from the confines of a wheelchair. This setting deepens the game’s unsettling atmosphere with unique mobility mechanics and puzzle elements tailored to the protagonist's physical limitations.

The game distinguishes itself by fully integrating all user interfaces into the physical environment, eliminating traditional game HUDs for enhanced realism. Health indicators, item inventories, and narrative clues are seamlessly embedded in-world, heightening immersion and tension without breaking the horror facade.

Enhancing the horror experience, "noClip: Fear Beyond" utilizes advanced sound and lighting to create an oppressive atmosphere of dread. Dynamic audio cues and minimal lighting keep players on edge, making the silent stretches between the creaks of the wheelchair intensely suspenseful. Coupled with the constant threat of lurking entities, the game ensures a relentlessly terrifying journey through the Backrooms.

What is Worlds Beyond The Grave?

Embark on an epic journey across the cosmos with Fate, a charming fugitive alien fleeing from the clutches of destiny, and his unlikely partner Fe, a feline from Earth swept up in the intrigue!

This grand tale of a graphic novel unfolds amidst a backdrop of a war-torn and fractured galaxy, where strange alien civilizations collide, epic battles shape destinies, deep dramaand asprinkle of humor.


Worlds beyond the Grave By Jeff Saamanen & natalie Harvey


Worlds beyond the Grave - The Story of Fate


Worlds beyond the Grave - A Passion Project & Feast Halls


Worlds beyond the Grave - Galactic in Scale


Worlds beyond the Grave - Love for our World


Foood & Worlds beyond the Grave - A Universe of Ideas.

The Twitch Pixel Fam!

Who are we?

Co-Founders Natalie Harvey & Jeff Saamanen

20 years creating together & a bright future full of more!

  • Founded Twitch Pixel: 2012
  • Incorperated: 2017
  • Passions: Art, Animation, Comics & Creativity!
  • Twitter @AnimatorsAbroad

We have been creating together for a long time, it has significantly changed the way we both work. Intimatley tied to eachother through our creativity it drives us, and we are dedicated to chasing that growth, nurturing this inspired seed, together.💕

This is our baby! Our behemoth, slightly odd, brain-child, powered by our determination, fueld by sarcasim & coffee, and supported by passionate artists, community, and friends.


Natalie "Nutella Lovin'" Harvey

Drawing Adorable S*** 80%
Paitence for Jeff's S*** 90%
Makin' Characters 75%
Planning Life 65%
Apreciatin' Community 85%
Giving the World More that it Deserves 100%

Jeff "Laser Brain" Saamanen

Yelling at Video Games S*** 100%
Writing Too Much 90%
Making S*** Happen. 75%
Animating Things & Junk 75%
Businessy BullS*** 65%
MASTER OF WORLDS(Building) 85%

Shared Interests

Mother Flippin' Twitch Pixel!







Art of all Sorts

Living Abroad




💕 Some Ppl who like what we do.

It is rare you find a talented creative who can pour themselves into something, and preserve enough balance to be ready to adapt and adjust. In his role at Strawhouse Jeff was the perfect blend of genius, speed, and humble to help us hone in quickly on creatives that were transformational for our clients.

Mark How

Ceo & Founder

Jeff is a skilled and talented professional with an amazing ability to pursue his passions and professional work with the same vigour and drive. He works well with others and knows how to take a team and make them a family with his natural charm and charisma! I would work with jeff again and again!

Myke Allen

Graphically Ill

I originally met Jeff when he was a student of mine at Camosun College. He then took the full time course I teach at the Victoria School of Business and Technology. Jeff, in both situations, was exemplary. His ability to absorb the information as well as understand the technology and its potential was only surpassed by his willingness to help those students around him. It was because of that I encouraged Jeff to take on the role of an instructor.

Chris Deakin

Digital Media at BC Public Service

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Inspirational Legends of Voice Acting! Solid Snake, Fem. Shep, Ghost, Kamala Khan, & Draven/Jax!

Recorded April 23rd, 2022

Legendary Voice Actors Daviud Hayter, Jennifer Hale, Jeff Leach, Sandra Saad, and Erik Braa!as we talk art, animation. life and inspirations!

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Is this Indie Animation Studio crazy! Moving to PANAMA!?!

Premiered May 2nd, 2022

We are MOVING TO PANAMA! Follow @AnimatorsAbroad on Twitter As we begin this new Adventure!

#goodmorning Twitch Pixel Studios morning Creator Update, May 3rd 2022 as we ramp up to the last 30 days in #Canada! A Quick Update from our Co-Founder Jeff Saamanen for our #theta #art #animation and #nft fam!

Moving our Indie Animation Studios to PANAMA!?

Premiered May 2nd, 2022

We are MOVING TO PANAMA! Follow @AnimatorsAbroad on Twitter As we begin this new Adventure!

#goodmorning Twitch Pixel Studios morning Creator Update, May 2nd 2022! A Quick Update from our Co-Founder Jeff Saamanen for our #theta #art #animation and #nft fam!

Voiced Actors Being Voice Actors...Workday Hangout Session!

Premiered Apr 27, 2022

Voice Actor Workday Hangout Session! - April 20th 2022

Twitch Pixel Studios Is working hard to bring our community into the fold with behind the scene production streams, feeds, and updates through our exclusive community.

This event was recorded live with our community on April 20th 2022, and premiered here on YouTube for the public on April 27th 2022.

To access our live events and hangout with our Actors, Artists and creatives, and join in on the fun of creating an animated universe you can:

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New adult cartoon building something unique & ridiculous with the fans!

Premiered Mar 1, 2022

Unicorn Dick: Investigations, is a satire unlike other satires.

One part Adventure Time, One Part Rick & Morty, with a thick layer of fan driven ideas through and expanded universe of animated shorts, Twitch Pixel Studios Aims to build something unique with their community.

Unicorn Dick, their never asked for, but making it anyways, absurdist comedy about a not so bright Unicorn Detective, and his Candy Corn friend diving deep into the perils of their cities streets, into the seedy underbelly, to expose a truth that will change everything!

"With support from our Pateron supporters, fans, and nft collectible supporters, we want to create a main show, telling the story of Flynn and the gang, but include our fans in an expanded universe of animated shorts telling stories about the downtrodden from around our not so fair city. These shorts in fact star the nft collectible characters we have built!"

Follow, Subscribe, and Perhaps become a patron to support Twitch Pixels small but passionate Indy team, working hard for the last 4 years bringing their ideas to life!

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Building Our Own Cartoons & Awesome Community!

Premiered Mar 1, 2022

Animation has been seen for the most part as something you just watch. Video games use animation, but they are not the same as our favorite cartoons. So how do we find a way to step into a middle ground between games and shows? Our answer to this was community.

Starting with the community we build up an expanded universe, but our expanded universe exists in an animated world, one we want to open to our community and our team to play in, tell stories together in, and grow together as an ever expanding world of animated shorts.

We Are growing a universe of shows with unprecedented access to our behind the scenes development through Patreon, NFT Collectible Characters (Safely and Securely through Flair.Finance) Special Events, and our Discord community with Creative sessions, developer diaries, and so much more.

We have been working hard for years as a small team, working to make our passion a realized world of shows built with our fans, and delivered with heart. Join the Revolution!

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Live with Founder Jeff Saamanen - Workday Video

Premiered Nov 2, 2021

Working on some art for our upcoming Meta Animation Unicorn Detective Agency. A Meta Animation powered by our Discord Community and their collectible NFTs!

Join our Discord Today for exclusives, behind the scenes, meet our team, and hang out with out Community! Giveaways and NFT white list for presale available! Become an OG UNICORN today!

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Follow us on Twitter: @TwitchPixelInc

And check out @AnimatorsAbroad on Twitter to share in their latests adventuires moving their indie studio across the world!

Live With Jeff & Natalie

Premiered Oct 10, 2021

Jeff And Natalie some time showing off how far they have come in developing their animated series, even before the have launched their NFT collection via their partnership with Flair.Finance!

Now they want to share their world with you through their Expanded universe where your NFTS become fully animated citizens of Unicornitopia!

Follow @AnimatorsAbroad on Twitter to share in their latests adventuires moving their indie studio across the world!