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Be Kind, Be Supportive, Be Community!

  1. Welcome Citizen, We are so stoked to have you!

Unicorn Dick: Investigations is more than just a generative NFT collection, but behind this awesome NFT set is a well developed world being produced into a full fledged animated series, powered by Polygon and NFT collectors like you!

We appreciate your interest in joining our community and minting your first “Citizen of Unicornitopia!” We have been hard at work over the last 3 years together as a team dedicating our free time as sweat-equity in order to bring you our show and our NFTs, all of which will grow alongside one another!

Alas, we must ensure the security of our team in the form of these terms and conditions. Our legal council has broadened our understanding of the emerging technology, and we want to ensure not only our safety, but safety and peace of mind for our NFT holders.

We want to remain open and transparent with our fans, offering insight into the challenges and trials faced by the NFT space, and alleviate any concerns when putting your time and money into our NFTs. Feel free to hop on our discord and ask any questions or voice any concerns! We are happy to discuss and make this a safe haven for all!

  1. What Belongs to Us

Unicorn Dick: Investigations (UD), and all of its subsequent characters, imagery, branding, and art are all owned and operated by Twitch Pixel Studios Inc. Founded in 2017 . All rights and ownership not specifically outlined as granted to the users & owners of our NFTs, are reserved by Twitch Pixel Studios Inc. This includes but are not limited to:

  • Intellectual property rights surrounding both Twitch Pixel Studios and Unicorn Dick: Investigations’s brand, names, logos, trademarks, website, smart contract code, generative traits, future community wallets, expanded universe shorts, our main series episodes, concept art, development assets, and animations, are all the sole property of Twitch Pixel Studios inc.

  • In addition to our IP ownership, the Name “Twitch Pixel Studios” and “Unicorn Dick: Investigations” and all logos and branding assets are reserved exclusively to be used for future promotional and merchandising purposes.

  1. Full ownership of your Citizen

Our Initial product launch of UD is a collection of 8000 individual ERC-721 tokens (“Citizens” or “NFTs”) with generative traits and artwork to be hosted on IPFS. By connecting your crypto wallet and minting a “Citizen” with our smart contract you become the full and complete owner of your NFT collectible..

  1. Exclusive Commercial Rights Ownership

Ownership of a UD NFTs grants you full commercial rights to use your owned NFTs in perpetuity, for as long as the NFTs remain under your ownership. Other commercial projects may be assigned some of these rights, but in the event of future transfer of NFT ownership, the NFT will remain subject to the rights that you or subsequent owners may assign.

Ownership means you can use your NFT on products, clothing and merchandise, include them in video projects and games, and overall do whatever you like with them provided you retain ownership. 

The Name Twitch Pixel Studios (TPS) and Unicorn Dick: Investigations (UD) may not be used on any commercial project without explicit permission from the original IP Holder (Twitch Pixel Studios). You also agree not to use your Citizen NFT in any project or derivative work that involves hate speech, racism, pornography, or any other illegal content.

  1. Derivative Works are allowed

Our world is your world, and we want you to have the flexibility to create new use cases for your NFTs. You are assigned the rights to create derivative works of your “Citizen” NFT, as long as you own the NFT at the time of creation. You may also assign the rights to other creatives , artists, or third parties as long as you continue to own your NFT at the time you grant these permissions.

  1. Many Unrestricted Third Party Uses

Our intention with our terms is not to limit you or any third parties from:

(i) ownership and operations of any marketplace for NFTs which permits the sale or use of our Citizens, provided the marketplace verifies ownership cryptographically, ensuring only the owner may display and/or use their Citizen.

(ii) ownership and operations of any third party websites which allows for the involvement or inclusion of the Citizens in general, provided the website owner verifies ownership cryptographically, ensuring only the owner may display and/or use their Citizen.

In addition these Terms of Service are not meant to restrict any third party websites and/or platforms ability to create tools and track the data of the Citizens for their traits and sales information.

  1. Limitations of Liability for Gas, Failed Transactions, Smart Contract Bugs

We have diligently developed our smart contract to be error free in order to create a smooth launch when our NFT collections drop. However due to the nature of the project things can sometimes fail. You agree to hold Twitch Pixel Studios Inc. (The Company) harmless for any losses you may incur when minting your Citizen NFTs. Potential Losses include excessive fee’s and gas fees due to a website or smart contract error, gas fee’s from failed transactions, and any loss of NFTs from errors arising from the smart contract or website.

It should be noted however that since we are using the Polygon (MATIC) Block chain gas wars, and gas fees should be negligible.

  1. No Guarantees or Future Promises

Twitch Pixel Studios strives to continuously grow our projects and community. Following our road map outlining our milestones for both our NFTs and Animated Series production, we may continuously update or alter our schedule. 

While we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding these milestones, the nature of our project means we cannot guarantee the project will sell out nor can we guarantee future developments. You agree that your Citizen from our initial drop is all you are guaranteed to receive with your purchase. Any future community growth, drops, or other benefits are ancillary to your initial purchase, and not to be considered as a part of your initial purchase.

You agree that there is no reliance on future commitments by Twitch Pixel Studios when using our website, campaign page, discord, or participating in our NFT launch.

  1. Citizens NFTs Are NOT Intended as Investments

Our “Citizens of Unicornitopia” NFTs are meant as a fun way to collect and support our cool animated series. These NFTs are not an investment vehicle. We make no claims, promises or guarantees that these NFTs will be worth anything or grow beyond your initial purchase. You accept that there is no inherent monetary value in these NFTs and should be considered entirely a collectible digital item!

Purchasing these items via Flair.Finance and their payment options, or any secondary markets, is a means of crowdfunding to support our indie studio and the development of our content. 

  1. Taxes

You are fully responsible for any tax liability that may incur from Minting, holding, or re-selling your NFTs.

  1. Class Action Waiver

You Agree to waive any rights to class action status, and any legal dispute surrounding our NFTs and the UD Project can and will only be considered on an individual basis.

  1. Children

UD is not intended for a younger audience/children. Our series, shorts, and NFTs are meant only for mature audiences. You agree that you are at least 18 years of age, or above the legal age for your jurisdiction, whichever is greater.

  1. Arbitration Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction of British Columbia Canada (the "Territory") and you agree to submit disputes arising out of, or in connection with, these terms to the non-exclusive courts of the Territory.

  1. Privacy Policy

Twitch Pixel Studios Inc. and Unicorn Dick: Investigations currently do not collect any personal information, cookies, IP addresses, or other user data in connection with your use of our Website, Campaign page, or social networks. You understand however the Blockchain is a public space and all of your transaction history initiated through purchasing our NFTs will be made public within the blockchain ledger.

You also agree that any third party apps in relation to UD or TPS such as Discord may collect information about you and store user data. In the event that we change our policy to accommodate such things as a merch store, these provisions will be subject to change.

  1. Community Participation

The nature of our collaborative spaces on our social spaces, requires us to indicate that any ideas, media, fan art, or any other shared offering by the user in these spaces, can and will be used in our animated projects, released commercially to the world. We do not guarantee credit for things shared in these spaces.

By participating in these collaborative spaces you agree to waive all rights to your ideas to be used in our content in perpetuity, that they are offered freely in these spaces as a part of our community story-telling and world building centered around our animated universe..It is up to the individual user to decide whether they participate based on these terms.

  1. Terms of our Community

Our community is a safe space for collaborative ideas to flow, and for everyone to enjoy the experience of developing a crazy cartoon world together.

Through this we want to foster the nurturing of ideas, and take care to ensure we are all putting our best foot forward in that pursuit.

This should be a Yes AND Space. Treat each other's ideas with a “yes, and…” mentality to help expand ideas and not stifle them.

This being said we also want to try and keep this a space for everyone to feel comfortable, and so there are some ground rules.

Inappropriate language, any shaming or epithets will not be tolerated and will get you banned from the channel immediately.

  • General Guidelines
  • No Harassment of ANY kind
  • No promotion of other channels, social media, brands or products without explicit permission.
  • No sexism, racism, homophobia or slandering of any kind.
  • No posting personal information, Follow requests or shameless self promotion
  • Bans are at the moderator's discretion.

This being said, we are an adult comedy, and adult themes will be discussed, and all who participate must please keep an open mind , and know that everything we put into our shows and shorts is all satirical in nature, and can be offensive in that pursuit. So Be understanding, and be fair, and don’t be an a**hole.

  1. Payment Options

Our Crowdfunding payment options allow for more peace of mind and security when purchasing our collectibles, This is offered through Flair.Finance’s crowdfunding platform designed for creators.

In relation to the payment options offered through Flair.Finance please see a detailed description of their terms found here: https://flair.finance/terms

Twitch Pixel Studios inc.is not responsible for any issues arising from payments made through Flair.Finance, and all inquiries in this regard must be directed to their support found through their discord server here: https://discord.gg/wZCEVdRMGe

  1. Thank you!

We sincerely appreciate your support in making our Universe come alive. We cannot wait to explode onto the scene with the world's first NFT crowdsourced animated series! Thank you SO much, every member counts and together we can make something awesome and new!

Unicorn Dick: Investigations

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